Bursa Nostalgic tram line has returned to Rally!

Yes, the title is not an exaggeration, between the lights of Gökdere and İnönü Street, the tram line, especially in the morning, the taxi turns into a race track headed by the minibus, almost. Control, warning, control can be fulfilled.
However, at the level of concreteness, the most important elements of the state that make the state and institutions like institutions are the control authority and the power to impose sanctions. If these are just the words, the mess is inevitable in every area, as in the tram line.
Unfortunately, our country was unable to build an understanding and structure that would ensure the rules and sustainability of the rules at the local / central level.
As such, investments that are attempted with limited public resources and great sacrifices are not supported by auditing and sanctioning.
It does not have this function, but also causes problems such as waste and aesthetic deprivation as well as endangering human safety.
For example, Cumhuriyet Caddesi. No matter what they say, it was a courageous and positive move in the center of Bursa to close the traffic of Cumhuriyet Street to reduce pedestrian traffic and reduce pedestrian traffic. Ataturk Street will follow this move now.
People will experience the spiritual flavors of the historical island between these two streets, without the fear of vehicle mirrors that are tangential to breathe exhaust gas, without being condemned to narrow pavements, and to strike at any moment.
However, the lack of supervision I mentioned above quickly disfigures the first one that has an aesthetic image from these two axes. The streets and streets reflect the cities. Look at the street, the concrete's already getting up and the troughs started to collapse.
I'll talk about the street, street, derelict building and old historical houses just below the Cumhuriyet street and Kayhan bazaar and especially after the disgrace of Kamberler Park.
What is weird is that the beauty of Eskişehir Khan, which was restored by Kayhan Hamam, has been restored and that it is located in the same square and synthesizing the mentioned ugliness.
There are so many problems in this area? What is insecurity, disrespect, insecurity, aesthetic enmity of insecurity, ugliness, human and rights?
Especially in the tram line between the Gök dere and İnönü street lights, are there any commercial / special vehicles that jump out of the intermediate street steel barriers, which are not certain to be opened according to what, that jumps in the same place or undergoes the same safety?
Are there any vehicles parked everywhere and which do not allow pedestrians to walk?
From the bus stop, from the bus stop, to the narrow streets, the people do not care / seeing in a way, such as an arrow jumped out of the air taxis?
So, it's not that laborious to press the brake or accelerator pedal under your foot, then, of course, like a truck engine?
In the narrow streets, the drivers who tried to take money from the customer or to turn over are the ones who broke away from the environment and went to the pedestrians?
Are the vehicles in front of the barrier, lined up in a way that will block people entering the street?
Adrenaline enthusiasts competing on the tram, not giving way and coming head-to-head?
Especially when you don't know where it comes from, it is a motorcycle that ends up with you in a moment and is racing in a carelessness and comfort that will break the handlebars and handlebars?
On this street, all kinds of goods, furniture, laundry, satellite antennas to extend almost to the rails that do not recognize the law? The stool and tables of almost occupy the occupation appetite in order not to fall back from grabbing the share? What is this pedestrian pavement and ruthless rape for these areas? Which?
Yes, if we go back to the beginning, it has long been a rally field. This situation will be seen easily if monitored.
As a result, the recklessing vehicle drivers in the streets of Cumhuriyet Street, which cause recklessness, if they cause a tram or a pedestrian accident, if there is a damage to the people in the streets, the legal authority of the public authority is not in the control and sanction power. Let's already say, like Nasrettin Hodja's test job.

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Günceleme: 24/11/2018 18:29

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