Bursa Urban Tram Line Tenders Monday Tender

Recep Altepe, received all the approvals about the tram line, the tender will be made on Monday, he said.
Bursa Metropolitan Mayor Recep Altepe, received all the approvals about the tram line, the tender will be held on Monday, he said. Underlining that they aim to start construction in a short time, Altepe emphasized that the traffic load in the center will decrease with the arrival of modern and comfortable transportation to the city center.
The first session of the June Council Meeting of the Metropolitan Municipality was held in the historical building in Sculpture. Informing the members of the council about the activities carried out by the Metropolitan Municipality in the last month before the assembly, the Metropolitan Mayor Recep Altepe emphasized that asphalting works have been started by the highways on the road to Mudanya, and the direction of going to Mudanya can be opened to traffic in a short time.
Sculpture-Garage tram line goes to tender
After the opening of Bursaray Görgülü and Emek lines to transportation, the Metropolitan Municipality, which continues to work on Kestel Line, which is the main route, will reach the Central Garage again from Santral Garage, Darmstadt Street, Stadium Street, Altıparmak Street, Atatürk Street, İnönü Street and Uluyol Street. It also received approvals for the approximately 6,6 km T1 line. Reminding that the tender will be held on Monday (June 25, 2012) after the approval of the relevant institutions, President Altepe said that they aim to complete the construction in a short time and bring the city center together with comfortable transportation. Mayor Altepe pointed out that with the realization of this project, the traffic load in the city center will decrease significantly.
37 million TL source from S plate
Reminding that the administrative fine imposed on the person who carries commercial passengers within the boundaries of the municipality, the owner of the vehicle, the stalls, workplaces and those responsible for the businesses, without obtaining a permit or license from the relevant municipality, Mayor Altepe, after this arrangement, the plate made by the Metropolitan Municipality He said interest in sales increased. While normally 10-15 license plates are sold per week, President Altepe said that after the regulation in the law, more than 30 license plates were sold last week, “We have sold over 300 plates so far and we have provided over 37 million TL of these sales.
The license plates that have been bought from the districts and towns for 10-15 thousand liras and the license plates working in the city center have now started working in accordance with the law. We started this application legally upon the demands of vehicle owners and related chambers working in this sector and they are the most satisfied with this application. ”
At the meeting, the documents from the commissions and the proposals were discussed and resolved.

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