In Balçova, the cable car is on a third auction

5 has opened for the renewal of facilities that have been closed for years, but because of the objections, four companies from Turkish, German, Austria and Switzerland bid for the third bid.

The tender for the renewal of the cable car facilities, which had been closed for the 5 years in Balçova, was made for the third time after two cancellations. A Swiss company also participated in the competition of Turkish, German and Austrian companies competing in the canceled tenders.

Turkish STM System Teleferik Assembly and Tourism Inc., German company Leitner AG / Spa and Austrian firm Doppelmayr Seilbahnen Gmbh again participated in the tender made by the Greater Tender Commission in the previous two tenders that compete with each other and complain to the Public Procurement Authority. However, a Swiss company was included in the competition. The company Batholet Maschinenbau AG also requested the tender.

Qualification and project will be requested

The competencies of the firms will be evaluated before the tender which will take place in three stages. Technical projects will be asked from companies that exceed this. In the final stage, financial offers will be received. The construction time of the lift was determined as 300 days.

With the new system to be installed, the 400 2 will be upgraded to 400 per hour, and the 300-500 will increase to 600-XNUMX.

Source: Nationality

📩 24/11/2018 09:17

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