Ankara bulwark 'bull' in the tender!

halo, the Spanish CAF objected to. 322 million dollars in the lowest bid with the Chinese CRS Zhuzhou bid of the best bidder 321.8 million euros in the second bid after the tender 'excessive low price' on the grounds of complaints made to the Public Procurement Authority.
Ankara - The subway wagon tender, which is expected to be concluded for about 4 months but has not been disclosed, was placed in the Spanish this time. In the tender opened by the Ministry of Transport to purchase 324 sets of metro vehicles for Ankara Metro, it was learned that Spanish CAF, which made the second best offer, made a complaint to the Public Procurement Authority and therefore the tender process stopped.
In the 324 51 percent wagon production set by the Ministry put the domestic industry requirement creates great excitement in the industry sector in Turkey subway cars / wagons 5 tender was held in March. 3 bid was given to the tender, with the lowest amount 322 million dollars gave the Chinese CSR Zhuzhou company. The second bidder, 321.8, became the Spanish CAF with a million euros, the most prominent South Korean Rotem in the tender, 511 wanted the highest price with a million dollars. The tender was expected to be given to the Chinese CSR, which gave the lowest price. However, since the Spanish CAS has objected to the tender, the result will wait for the decision of the Public Procurement Board.
Reviewing CAS's appeal
Transport Minister Binali Yildirim attended the meeting on the previous day of the ASO meeting, "This tender was finished for us, but the JCC examines a complaint, we are waiting for its results," he turned eyes turned on the JCC. According to the official records of the JCC, the Spanish CAS, 31, filed a complaint against the institution in May, halting the tender process. 4 thousand pounds to the institution related to the tender filing the complaint by appealing the application of the application of the Spanish firm is still in progress.
The Spanish CAS's objection was related to the extremely low price, while the institution set the 1 billion 39 million 736 thousand 250 liras upper limit on the tender. Chinese CSR Zhuzhou 322 million dollars, according to the current rate of 688 million pounds had given the price.
324 set wagon to be taken
The tender for the Ministry of Transport, Ankara Metro to buy 324 set subway cars, will be held in February, while the date was postponed to 14 March. The 5 set of tools for the '75 domestic industry contribution' requirement was set for the 30 set of vehicles and the delivery was foreseen to be delivered in 14 months and then in the 20 month. In the 249 remaining vehicles '51 percent local contribution' to this step, ask the ministry, metro and rail vehicles had created great excitement in the review will create a new industry moves in Turkey.
Although 5-9 has received 10-3 company specifications for the tender on March, the bid was submitted to 3. 391 company's price offerings opened the same day after the technical specifications were determined, Chinese CSR Zhuzhou 230 million 688.6 thousand dollars (321 million TL), Spanish CAF 829 million 200 thousand 753 euro (511 million TL) and South Korean Rotem 140 million 294 bin 899.6 dollars (XNUMX million TL) had given the price.
Delivery, after signing the contract 20 months
According to the tender specifications, the company that will undertake the job will start the first delivery in 20 vehicles after 15 months after the contract is signed. All vehicles will be delivered within 39 months. In the first 75 of the metro vehicles, at least 30 domestic contribution is foreseen, while in the remaining part the domestic contribution rate will be 51. The first delivery time of the vehicles will reach the completion of the construction work of the Kizilay-Cayyolu and Sincan-Batikent subway lines. The date the Ankara metros will be operational is the end of 2013.


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