Ahmet Emin Yılmaz : Searching for a new station for high speed train in Bursa

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DLH prepared the high-speed train for the project to TCDD. Now we are working on expropriations with the implementation project. With the reconciliation of new developments, the Metropolitan prepared a new proposal. The report points to the Izmir Highway-Highway connection for Bursa Station Rapor
The process works a little differently Ankara At the starting point of the difference there is the bureaucracy of Ankara. Therefore, despite the tendering in the high-speed train project, technical details are ongoing.
For example…
The first construction project related to the Bursa-Yenişehir Stage was prepared by the General Directorate of Railways Ports and Airports Construction, known as DLH.
Bursa Metropolitan Municipality objected to this project, which is foreseen for the high speed train in Kazıklı, and for Bursa Station in Balat.
The Appeal ...
Due to transportation planning, it was suggested to replace Bursa Station with Balat, which is the closest point to Terminal.
Kazıklı Station was also considered unnecessary because it would not be a passenger and it was emphasized that the station would not need this station if it was made to Dereçavuş.
Then ...
Under the leadership of Gürsu Chamber of Agriculture, farmers in the region started a hunger strike to react to Kazıklı Station. This action, AK Party Bursa deputy Mustafa Ozturk midnight persuasion ended with a speech.
After that…
When evaluating the subject, Öztürk pointed out that ”the inhabitants in the neighborhoods to the east of the city were difficult to send to the other side of the city to take the train yaşayan and he argued for a suitable station in this region.
In that process O
The project prepared by DLH was transferred to the General Directorate of State Railways for the implementation of the project.
Then Ardından
TCDD technical experts started to work on the route to give priority to expropriation.
Thousands of owners on the route went into contact with those who were in a critical position and asked for consent to start the construction to continue the expropriation process.
Most of the people going through the railway from the soil did not have difficulty and gave the document.
On the one hand, while the station locations on the other hand came up again.
This time…
With the approach of TCDD aiming to reduce the cost by passing the route from the places that require closer and less filling roads, the suggestions of the teachers who prepared the Transportation Master Plan also emerged.
Besides the…
With regard to the new situation, the Metropolitan Municipality has given a new proposal due to the transfer of the project to TCDD.
And that report ...
The technical team carrying out the works on behalf of TCDD was prepared with the opinions of the advisors who prepared the Transportation Master Plan and the metropolitan staff.
The new report sent to Ankara includes three important recommendations:
It was suggested to move Yenişehir Station near Yenişehir Airport to Yenişehir Station for airway-rail passenger connection.
The unnecessaryity of the Kazıklı Station, which took place in the project, took place in the new report. It is emphasized once again that the station will not be the passenger of the station and will damage the agricultural lands.
For the Bursa Station, which was planned by DLH for Balat, which the Metropolitan wanted to be close to the Terminal, in the light of the interviews, it was proposed that ş İzmir Road and a place connected with the motorway DL.
This is Bu
Bursa Station, Izmir Road and the highway intersection Başköy District or the Hal Way is pointing around the Hal facilities.
Since the line made to the tender is close to the Hal, the tender specifications do not change and this is an advantageous situation.

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