Ahmet Emin Yılmaz : Another surprise proposal for high speed train in Bursa

📩 28/03/2020 04:15

In the high-speed train project, it was revealed that Büyükşehir proposed an intermediate station to Yarkın Demirtaş at Terminal for passenger circulation. In the meantime, Prof. Dr. who prepared the Master Plan of Transportation. Dr. Haluk Gerçek, 2030'da a pedestrian and bicycle-centered city center proposed the target ...
We shared the progress in these columns yesterday… The main project for the high-speed train, DLH, which is the General Directorate of Railways Ports and Airports Construction, has been assigned to TCDD. Now he is working on the TCDD implementation project. The priority was given to expropriations on the route.
By the way…
TCDD focuses on routes that are close to the highway and require less filling to minimize cost when preparing the implementation project.
That's why…
The project is not yet finalized, but minor changes are being studied.
By the way…
For the Bursa Station, which is seen in Balat in the project of DLH, the closest point to the Terminal for Derneavcuş is proposed, and the Metropolitan Municipality, which does not need the Kazıklı Station, has renewed its proposal to TCDD in line with the developments.
So what…
There have been some changes based on compromise in the new proposal with TCDD experts, Metropolitan technical staff and the recommendation of Transport Master Plan advisors.
For example…
As we said yesterday, Yenişehir Station is recommended not to be near Şişe Cam but near Yenişehir Airport. This time for Bursa Station, Otoyol-Izmir Road focuses on the intersection. There is objection to this suggestion to Kazikli Station.
In the new report, a surprise proposal is being put forward while appealing for Piles.
Arasında In Kazıklı, the site is thought to be in the middle of agricultural areas and among the orchards. It is not easy for passengers to come here. Kolay
Iy Demirtaş, which is the closest to the region, has a load capacity due to the industrial area and has the potential of passenger because of the city contact. “
This emphasis is also important:
”Demirtaş Station is very close to the Terminal in terms of transportation plan.“
The proposal ...
It is also noted that if the main station, ie Bursa Station, is shifted from near the Ring Road on the edge of the Ring Road to the Izmir Highway-Highway intersection or at the further point of the Devreavuş and Balat, Demirtaş Station will become more important with the city center and Terminal connections.
Let's see…
According to the changing conditions and technical consensus, how and to what extent will this proposed proposal be reflected in the project?
Fast Train Signpost
While the work on the conversion of the project to the implementation project and the evaluations about the station locations were going on, TCDD hanged its first signage at the Passage about the high-speed train construction.
The sign of the train, which includes the high speed train photograph, is written as 393.170.105,40 TL.

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