Adana-Mersin Trains Will Be Accelerated by New Projects

TCDD's trains between Adana and Mersin, which are used by an average of 150 thousand people per day, will carry more passengers by increasing the rails to 4 by electrification as well as the ongoing signalization works.
According to the information received by the AA reporter from TCDD, thousands of citizens who travel daily between Adana and Mersin, 69 kilometers from each other, prefer trains to avoid safety, comfort and vehicle traffic. The trains between the two cities, where 54 flights are carried daily, carry passengers at full capacity.
TCDD General Directorate is working on projects such as signaling, electrification and raising the number of rails to 15 as well as renewing trains on this line, where approximately 4 thousand passengers are transported every day.
The signaling project, designed to make the trains run safer, will cost 130 million euros and will be launched during the year 2013.
The signaling system is carried out on Kayseri-Boğazköprü-Uluşkışla-Yenice-Mersin-Yenice-Adana-Toprakkale line. Thanks to the signaling system, which is a remote-controlled management system, the scissors can be used unmanned and the trains can be stopped in the reception and delivery of the trains to the stations.
With the system where trains can be controlled, all trains on the rails can be managed from the center.
The signaling center will be located in the Signal Center next to Adana Station, and a line with the system can be used thanks to many more trains, which will increase the number of flights.
When the "Electrification" works in the tender stage are completed, the trains in the region will operate with electricity instead of diesel. In this context, both 3/2 energy will be saved and trains will be faster and more comfortable.
On the other hand, 1 arrival and 1 outgoing capacity and does not meet the capacity of the Adana-Mersin line, 4 line to continue the project preparation work.
When all these works are completed, it is aimed to carry 25 thousand passengers daily between Adana and Mersin.

Source: AA

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