The construction of Çayyolu metro, taken over by the Ministry of Transport, begins on Sunday.

This Sunday will stop life in the capital
It will stop officially because a part of the Eskişehir road, which has the highest traffic load in Ankara and is of great importance in sustaining life, will be closed to traffic.
because the Ministry of Transport can not make the municipality, the construction of the Çayyolu metro, which it has taken over, starts on Sunday.
I've been in Ankara for a few days, citizens are just talking about this. the infster is big and everyone is talking about what to do after work and on the way to work. It is not clear what the alternatives will be on the road, which is said to be closed for 4 aty periods.
Ankara's traffic was already terrible. In the city, which is already small in size, this is what will happen if the car is on the road almost as much as in Istanbul. We are experiencing a traffic hell almost every hour of the day in ankara, we thought it was something unique to the station or not, it turns out that the problem in ankara was bigger.
now the most burden on the road to think about what could happen when the state began to panic panic began.
I also doubt that there will be any improvement in this traffic hell once the metro is built and opened. Because as much as I have seen, there is a love for cars in the capital city, most people do not use the metro and public transportation. The number of young people with cars is quite high. I'm afraid that in ankara, 'traffic may come to a halt after a few years.

Source: Habertürk

📩 24/11/2018 18:26

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