Safe driving techniques training started to be given to public transportation drivers in Antalya

Ler Safe Driving Techniques Training toplu is given in cooperation with the Public Transportation Transportation and Rail System Department of the Municipality of Antalya and the Chamber of Tradesmen of Antalya Public Buses.
In Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Planning and Rail System Department, all of the drivers who use public transportation participate in the trainings organized in the meeting hall. The trainings provided by Coşkun Kara and Murat Pazvantlılar experts in Safe Driving Techniques trainers provide trainings to public transport vehicles, principles of using heavy vehicles in the city, vehicle driving techniques, adaptation of air and road conditions and public transportation vehicles, and prevention of cost increases due to vehicle use. In addition, drivers are informed about the behavior patterns that are correctly known but not scientifically wrong in the use of public transport. On the one hand, while the theoretical lessons are continuing, the drivers who use public transportation in the field are followed by the experts of the advanced driving techniques without their news. The drivers taking the theoretical lessons are examined how much they apply when using the public transportation means. Safe Driving Techniques experts present their reports about public transport drivers to Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Planning and Rail System Department and Antalya Public Buses Chamber of Tradesmen.
Ne We were able to see how wrong we were with the trainings. We see the benefits of training. Thanks to such trainings, we would like to thank the Antalya Metropolitan Municipality for providing us with the opportunity to develop ourselves with the driver. Bu

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