Russian Railways to participate in metro construction in Kuwait

Russian Railways 'ZarubezhStroyTehnologiya' A.Ş. (External Construction Technologies, ZST) General Manager Yuriy Nikolsson said in an interview with Praym that the company is interested in participating in light metro construction projects in the Persian Gulf countries. ZST General Manager, 'The biggest project in Kuwait is light meto construction. The tender for the first phase of construction is now complete. We didn't agree with him. This phase of the project is now being implemented. Currently, the second stage of the tender is preparing, we plan to join him 'he told. The cost of the project reaches approximately 3-4 billion dollars. According to his words, there are plans to develop roughly $ trillion in infrastructure across the Persian Gulf region. There, sea ports and new airports will be built, combined with the entire Persian Gulf railway network. Nikolsson noted that the largest infrastructure projects in the Persian Gulf are in Saudi Arabia.

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