President Altepe "Our goal is to do after the first rail system in Bursa in Turkey," he said.

Bursa Mayor stating that they convert to modern livable city "Our goal is to make the first rail system in Bursa after Turkey," he said.
Bursa Mayor Recep Altepe, said they broke new ground by producing local metro and tram carriages "in Bursa in Turkey also sat on the rail works," he said. "Our goal is; meet the needs of the rail system in Bursa before then to address the needs of all municipalities in Turkey, "he told the Altepe series will go into production soon. Altepe made the following comments:
We produce our own wagon
'N The industrial city of Bursa was a must for the transportation. Today we are paying 28 million TL to an imported carriage on an 8 meter. In other words, the 4 million of a 32 bill is worth a million TL. So we had to produce our own vehicle. 2.5 was able to produce wagons at international standards with annual work. All the documents of the wagon, whose name is Silkworm and which are currently being tested, will be included in the transport system. Turkey needs 15 45 billion dollars annually, which will be held for local production metro and tram cars. So we will be the 6 country that produces its wagon. Our aim; Before meeting the needs of the rail system in Bursa, then the need to resolve all of the municipalities in Turkey. Soon we will get rid of dependence on foreign firms by going to mass production. In Bursa, Turkey also sat on the rail works.
43 are opening a stadium of one thousand people
Var We have a new stadium construction right now. Bursa Metropolitan Stadium 43 will be a thousand people and 70 construction is completed. We plan to open next year. We also renew the historical heritage of the Ottoman capital, Bursa. Kayhan, Reyhan and Hanlar region are constantly undergoing restoration. We carry out improvement works on the streets and streets of the UNESCO World Heritage List. We carry out studies to open the summer tourism of Uludağ, which has a winter tourism of 2.5 months a year. We are planning to increase the current system to 12 by a new 12 line by installing a new ropeway system.

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