Arab Tourists Are Trapped In The Cable Car When The Cable Car Has Been Completed In Bursa

Arab tourists who want to go to Uludag, as a result of the failure of the cable car was stranded around 1 hours.

The citizens of Bursa, Uludag, accompanied by a view of the cable car stopped, due to a technical failure. Meanwhile, Arab tourists who want to go to Uludag, stuck in the cable car. Short-term panic tourists, mobile phones and families who were staying in the hotel. During the repair, the tourists had to wait at Kadıyayla and Sarıalan stations.
The Arab tourists who were stranded in the cable car took a sigh of relief with their movement. Arab tourists descending from the cable car, 1 air stranded for hours and said they were afraid.
The tourists, who expressed that about 10 40 people in the cable car, after the fears passed passed.
In a statement made by Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, it was stated that a technical malfunction occurred in the cable car, and the malfunction was resolved after 1 hour of operation.

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