50 Price Increase with Mosque and Cable Car

The giant mosque planned for Üsküdar Çamlıca Hill and the future ropeway project will activate the real estate sector in the region.

The giant mosque planned to be built at Üsküdar Çamlıca Hill upon the request of Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan is expected to activate the real estate and accommodation sector in the region. The real estate prices in the region are expected to increase by 10 to 50, while in commercial real estate, price increases are expected to be higher.
Nizamettin Aşa, Vice President of the Istanbul Umum Chamber of Realtors, said that Çamlıca Hill is currently a social facility, adding, ı There are villa-type buildings in some parts. Their price is not already low. It may have an effect on the undeveloped parts. The value of a building is measured by zoning, and I think that most of Çamlıca is in the area of ​​the Bosphorus Law. There is no construction permit here. Therefore, existing old buildings may be appreciated.

Because, due to day trips, especially in the region may cause daily tourism movement. Setting up the lift can also increase the number of visitors. In the current state, maybe the region can make 50. But the rate at workplaces will be higher. However, if there is a change in development, this price will be doubled in at least two.

Remax Dream Real Estate owner Ilker Akcay predicts that the project will increase prices in the region by 10. İlker Akçay said, UM The prices of the zoned land in the region vary between 3 thousand 500 TL and 7 thousand TL; While the price of square meters of old villas is around 2 thousand TL, the price of square meters of new villas is starting from $ 1000 thousand. X Noting that the 500 of the buildings in the region is unpredictable, Akçak said: N Especially the values ​​are very low. If the values ​​are increased, there will be an increase in the prices Em.


Istanbul Büyükduman, the Managing Partner of Istanbul Real Estate Appraisal (İGD) who said that this big project would create a traffic in the vicinity of each big project, said: Gayrimenkul Human and vehicle traffic will encourage some commercial activities around the project. A move should be expected especially in commercial real estates in the neighborhood of the project. Daki A monumental architect to be built in the region, the structure will facilitate access to the transportation of the support will be positively affected by the transportation was passed.

Çamlıca Representative Coşkun Şengün said that a large part of Çamlıca is located within the protected area and therefore may affect the structure of Ferah neighborhood overlooking Ümraniye. I This region was a bit dormant. Now it's coming to life. Contractors took the old buildings and started to do it for floor. Müt

Tayfun Kahraman, Head of the Istanbul Branch of the Chamber of City Planners, said that the area where the project is going to be made is now a first degree natural site and it cannot be done because there is a plan decision in this area.

However, with the amendment made by leaving the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization, commissions on the nature and environmental assets were established. can be opened. But this place is a natural site.

An area that needs to be protected. A point to be protected from the silhouette of Istanbul. Whatever the function of this structure here, it will be a precedent for new developments and will bring them together. Bur

Source: mynet

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