40 from Russia on the day of the giant project to reduce the 14: Iron Silk Road

Russia rolled up its sleeves for the project, which would extend from the Chinese border to Vienna and topped the balance of freight transport. Russia, which is said to have received support from the EU for the multi-billion dollar project, is now planning to reduce the time of transportation to 40 by sea.
The Sino-European railway line is not expected to be commissioned before 2025. The project, which aims to extend the Trans-Siberian railway line in two directions, has received support from the European Transport Commission.
While experts argue that rail transport will in any case be more expensive than maritime transport, the Russian side "will be provided with time." kazanhe thinks that he will make up for it”. “We cannot compete in capacity, they cannot compete in transport time,” said Vladimir Yakunin, CEO of Railways.
In the meantime, the most important problem is the width of the railway lines used in Russia and Europe, and in order to overcome this, Russia proposes to install additional lines up to Vienna's own standard.

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