on railways Çerkezköy- 2 between Istanbul and Kapikule. Stage rail maintenance work continues uninterrupted

Rail maintenance works are completed in Edirne, signaling studies are still going on at some points in the region. Tekirdag Çerkezköy from the town of Edirne-Kapikule direction every day 17.50'de organized, while the same way to Istanbul to go to Kapıkule passengers are provided by buses. Çerkezköy and the road construction works which started at the same time mutually from Çatalca, Çerkezköy Between Istanbul and Istanbul, the train service has dropped to three times a week.
During the studies planned to last approximately 10 months, the flights will be held at 10.33 on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays once a week. Çerkezköyguests who are not aware of the number of voyages that have come as guests or who have been reduced since the beginning of the work, have learned the situation when they come to the train station to get tickets, while the flights to Istanbul are three times a week on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. To be delivered to the owners of the cargo to be replaced to be delivered at night according to the plan to be dense cargo transportation is done.

Source: News X

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