1 Million People New Square to Marmaray's Transfer Point

The largest square of Istanbul will be built in the region, which will be one of the transfer points of Marmaray.
Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality is planning to implement a new project in Yenikapı.
This area will be the most important transfer point for the new urban rail transportation and will be the biggest square of Istanbul.
Istanbul Metropolitan Mayor Kadir Topbas, "700 square meter area under the treatment facilities, but on the 2 thousand cars open parking, 700 bus space traffic to the ground when we get a large area to breathe." He said.
Within the scope of the project, which will bring a new breath to Istanbul, there will be a rally, concert and festival area with 700 bin to 1 million.
The complex, which includes many details, is included in the project. These include the Big Biological Treatment Plant, where the waste water of 2 and a half million population will be treated. Ağı
Istanbulites welcome the project. The President of Kumkapı Fisheries Association is one of the supporters of the project.
In a written statement made by the Metropolitan Municipality, Yenikapi Square will be taken underground, Istanbul will win a big challenge, said.
700 thousand to 1 million people in the project to be used as rallies, concerts, festivals or fairgrounds in the project said in a statement, under the square, 2.5 million population of waste water will be treated to be advanced biological treatment plant was recorded.
In the first phase of the project, which will start with the construction of the first phase of the 976 meters 800 thousand people will start the construction of the project area with the 2 thousand 200 vehicles and 760 bus capacity open parking spaces were specified.

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