Railway workers left work, unaware of the strike passengers returned to the guard

Civil servants affiliated with the public unions, who could not agree with the government in collective bargaining negotiations, stopped working. Railway workers started a strike at 00.00 in Adana. Officers affiliated with different unions supported the strike by performing halay accompanied by drums and zurna. Citizens who were unaware of the strike decision returned from the station. There were disruptions in transportation due to the strike. When the trains with the harvester-harvesters did not move, the owners had trouble.
Turkey Kamu-Sen connected to the Turkish Transportation-You Adana Branch Chairman Cengiz Köse, he said that the work stoppage began at 00.00:XNUMX in accordance with the schedule set out in collective bargaining. Emphasizing that a strike decision was taken in order to react to the government's half-hike negotiations, ignoring the civil servants and crushing inflation, Köse said, “Our trains are not working. Our friends support us. I hope from now on, the government will take into account our demands and take serious steps to solve our problems. We hope that he will try to negotiate and sign a collective agreement with us. We do our best for this. " said.
Stating that approximately 160 personnel left their jobs at Adana Station, Köse explained that no trains to the Mersin, Osmaniye and Konya line are working. Köse added that the strike was met with maturity by the citizens and that they have not received a serious reaction so far.

Günceleme: 24/11/2018 18:15

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