Tram route will change in Taksim project

📩 24/11/2018 18:19

The number of tunnels decreased from 4 to 1. The first phase of the new Taksim project has been completed.
The second stage of the project is the Topçu Barracks. The pedestrianization of the square will be carried out by a single branch-exit tunnel. The only sinking of the Square will be 600 meters long, Tarlabaşı and Cumhuriyet Avenue. In the meantime, on the reactions, previously in the project, Sıraselviler, Mete and Gümüşsuyu Street learned that the branch-out tunnels were abandoned. By means of a branch-exit tunnel, the vehicles will enter the underground from the Tarlabaşı to the square, and will leave the tunnel before coming to Divan Hotel. With the vehicle traffic going underground, Talimhane and Taksim Square will be integrated. Pedestrianized road, but in case of emergency, ambulance, fire and police vehicles will be able to switch.
24 will process hours
In the meantime, the second phase of the Taksim Square Project, the Topcu Barracks project has come to an end. The architect of the project, Halil Onur, informed VATAN about the final details of the project. Noting that the barracks will not be closed to the public, will be integrated into the square, "Bookstores, cafes will be in the hunt for the barracks this time 24 hours will become a center of attraction," he said.
Stairs take off
The last details of the Barracks are as follows: 'The barracks will be two floors. Parking will take place at the bottom. The second floor of the barracks will be a museum, while bookstores and cafes will be located on the first floor. The steps of Gezi Park will be lifted. Today, the tram route, which is only going to the Atatürk Monument, will change. The tram, which will be decided on one of the two routes, will either walk around the square in front of the AKM or it will come from the square like the first period, to Cumhuriyet Street and from there to the Atatürk Monument.

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