Mayor of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Altepe, He Said Words Not Talking Numbers

Mayor of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Recep Altepe, 3 annually by the investment rates of 10 annual data left, stating that the amount of investment in the infrastructure announced as 2 billion TL.
Noting that there are no single penny debts to the state, President Altepe said, “Since the day we took office, we have started over 1100 projects. We have finished 500 of these and we are about to complete 600 of them. We worked day and night for Bursa and we exceeded the goals. ”
Chairman Altepe met with the AK Party Bursa Provincial Organization at the Atatürk Congress and Culture Center (Merinos AKKM) Hüdavendigar Hall. In addition to President Altepe, AK Party Bursa Deputy İsmet Su, Provincial Chairman Sedat Yalçın, Metropolitan bureaucrats, provincial and district administrators and members of the board of directors of youth and youth organizations attended the meeting, where 3-year actions were evaluated.
Stating that Bursa has received the investments it has received in 10 years in the past 3 years, Mayor Altepe said that the investment amount made in 3 years has reached 2 billion TL with the infrastructure. Noting that the figures show the volume of investments made in Bursa, President Altepe stated that they have completed 1100 of the 500 projects they have initiated since the date they took office and the remaining 600 projects are about to be completed.
Emphasizing that they do not have any debts to the state and that the investments are made only with the resources coming from Iller Bank and the Ministry of Finance, President Altepe said, “It is not difficult, easy to serve Bursa. Although our per capita income is lower than Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir and Kocaeli, we strive to continue investments and services by the municipality. First of all, all our work is done through expropriation. If we update the numbers, as Metropolitan Municipality, we demolish at least one building almost every day. To date, we have paid 700 million TL by expropriating 151 buildings. This corresponds to a 15-year volume. In other words, we have made 15 years of expropriation in 3 years. Again with the last university stage, we built a 26-kilometer Bursaray line. "We have carried out a 320 km road extension work," he said.
Stating that the biggest problem of Bursa is transportation, Metropolitan Municipality independently of the Ministry of Transportation, Mayor Altepe said, “In order to reduce the transportation problem, we commissioned the university stage of the light rail system last January. Again, we realized the labor line without spending extra money, within the same tender, with millions of TL savings. Although the Kestel-Gürsu line is not in the program, it went on to tender. The metro line will reach the center of Kestel as a result of our efforts. Together with the Kestel line, we will increase the metro line of Bursa by another 17 kilometers. ”
Mayor Altepe stated that they are not only satisfied with the metro lines for the solution of the transportation problem, but they are working to weave the east, west, north and south of the city with iron networks. Stating that the intermediate artery tram line applications were started with the Cumhuriyet Avenue-Davutkadı route, and that the route continued in a healthy way, Mayor Altepe said, “The passenger capacity on Cumhuriyet Street-Davutkadı line exceeded 6 thousand people daily. Our goal is to move this line further. We are currently working on how to overcome the Davutkadı ramp. We will finalize this business soon. Again, the Sculpture-Garage tram line is currently in the tender stage. After 1.5 months, we will start laying the rails on this line. Later, our works will be reflected in every region of Bursa ”.
In his speech, President Altepe also mentioned the prestige investments in Bursa. Stating that the efforts to increase the capacity of the ropeway by 12 times and to provide the opportunity to use summer and winter by reducing the distance between Bursa and Uludağ to 22 minutes, Mayor Altepe said that the construction of the stadium has reached the level of 70 percent and that the opening will be done next year. Contractor on Indigenous tram production company that all tests are successfully passed, only that remains the driving test, to move from sale after driving test is complete, highlight the President Altepe, "Metropolitan Municipality Our revealed that the project in line with Turkey, producing local tram 6. Country, was firm in 7 companies. Our work has also come to the agenda in Ankara and 50 percent local requirement has been brought to public institutions that will take trams. The companies that receive the auctions will receive 50 percent of their wagons from Bursa and our economy will earn billions of dollars. ”
In his speech, AK Party Bursa Provincial President Sedat Yalçın thanked President Altepe and his team for their sensitivity. Yalçın noted that they will give their best support to any work that will serve Bursa's multi-centered historical structure and city identity.



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