World's largest high-speed underground railroad station

The world's largest underground (high speed) railway station is dizzy!
The most beautiful aspect of Hong Kong's modern landscape is that its pioneering design is fascinating for architects. Almost all of the city is full of new-emerging non-traditional structures. Of course, the world's largest underground high-speed rail is full of its own features.
The bir Express West Kowloon Gar demiryolu Link bağla designed by Aedas will link Hong Kong to Beijing with incredible speed. With 124 parts of 15 parts with an 430 spindle speed and an area of ​​XNUMXbin square meters, it is not even possible to say that this structure must have a serious ventilation system.
The more interesting part of this design is the formation of a curved pedestrian roof, its organic interior design and what it looks like to have an exterior design that we do not understand. Did you see the exterior design of something like that?
Hong Kong's MTR company is aiming to finish this building as 2015.


Günceleme: 24/11/2018 18:07

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