TCDD's Decision to Demolish the Illegal Camp

tcdd social facilities izmir urla campi
tcdd social facilities izmir urla campi

The demolition decision taken by the Municipality on the grounds that the education and recreation facilities of TCDD, located in the Urla district Iskele neighborhood Gelinkaya location, were built illegally in the 1st degree site area and contrary to the Coastal Law, was approved by the Council of State.

Upon the demolition decision taken by the Urla Municipal Committee, TCDD objected to the decision and suspended the execution. When the municipal council insisted on the decision, the Council of State approved the decision. Regarding the situation that emerged as a result of the examination carried out by the Municipality upon the request of the Governorship of İzmir regarding "the determination of the status of the buildings located on the coastal part of the district according to the Coastal Law" for the facilities that serve TCDD employees, retirees, public personnel and daily vacationers The final decision was made by the 2009th Department of the Council of State.
The camp, which was closed in 2010, was reopened in 2011 and the earthquake victims were placed in this camp after the Van earthquake. Demolition is expected after the earthquake evacuated the camp in June.

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