TCDD's stunning garage report

New gar building development plan made the last change in the province to be shaped. Following the precedent change, the new zoning plan was suspended. 17 will hang until June. In this context, TCDD's plan report highlights important issues. In the plan report made by TCDD, the following items are as follows: Ir While Eskişehir Metropolitan Municipality declares its opinions on a constitution it creates with the reasons of urban transportation and goes to plan revisions, TCDD is in search of a solution that will not conflict with the urban area usage without ignoring its needs and obligations arising from the business. The station and business area is part of a rather large urban area of ​​2.5 km (1 million 200 thousand square meters). TCDD's social facilities, education facilities, museums, sports facilities and TCDD hospital as well as an administrative part of the enterprise are within the structure. TULOMSAS 500 covers an area of ​​one thousand square meters.
The area of ​​the Enveriye Station 300 thousand square meters is empty. This is one of the places where the new station is thought. All plan approval activities and regulations to be included in the planning area are required to obtain the appropriate opinion from the regional protection board.
It has a proprietary 32 build. 13 branch office, museum, TCDD directorate building, 15 housing, warehouse, water tank, wheel lathe, electric maintenance workshop, electrical machinery factory, diesel locomotive leveling workshop, c-section, aisle, water cooling box, locomotive maintenance location, active store department chief (2 building), railway vehicles workshop, laundry, chimney, shelter, high school, open hangar, clock tower, Behiç Erkin cemetery, station, TCDD staff dormitory, course directorate, hospital, oak tree.
Within the scope of the plan, the part of the YHT line between the university Cengiz Topel Street and Gazi Yakup Satar Street is taken under ground and the level crossings are eliminated. This application is applied to the zoning plan 1 / 5000 and 1 / 1000 scale. The demolition of the Atatürk Bridge, which is located on the line where the underground transit project is on the surface, is on the agenda. However, according to the project to be realized by the state railways, it is determined that the level of the line under the bridge will be lower than normal. Therefore, if the bridge height is demolished and rebuilt, it can be lower. In addition, it is becoming a necessity to go above this point since the station will be arranged in such a way that the train entrance will be arranged according to the project of the state railways.

Günceleme: 24/11/2018 18:19

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