TCDD is no longer a Republic Acquisition ...

As in every privatization, by using the state, perhaps even without a showpiece tender application (its ground has been prepared), it will be handed over to the proponents and then to foreign anglo-American companies with the logic of "I did it. For a long time, improvements have been made in high-speed train projects, railways, indirect and direct taxes imposed ruthlessly on the public's back, and the institution has been tried to be attractive, and passenger transportation has increased mainly due to economic conditions, and the high-speed train option parallels this increase. The targets for 2012 are 103 thousand passengers and 25,5 thousand tons. In addition, since 2005, the renewal of 5,5 thousand km of railway rail in railways, improvement work and the high-speed train project to be placed on Eskişehir and Istanbul lines and safety has attracted the attention of the public against this transportation sector and the Turkish people with a history of more than 150 years. and the fact that it was one of the biggest republic gains of the Atatürk period has disturbed the imperialist centers.
First the consulting firm will prepare the demolition.
“Ecorys Researchan Consulting Ltd.” under the name of “Turkish Railways Reform”. An agreement has been signed with the consortium in return for receiving consultancy services from the company. Thus, the front of the private sector in railway transportation has been opened to the full. Just like the EU acquis justification behind every imposition, the same method is applied behind it. The service has started from the consultancy company in question. Supposedly, railways will be restructured and with the project prepared for this; In line with the EU acquis, Turkish railways will be made open to competition, infrastructure allocations will be made, wage policies will be rearranged, restructuring and reform options for interoperability systems will be implemented by establishing a secure system. For all these, first of all, it will be done under the name of consultancy services with a budget of millions of euros.
“The private sector wants to move its goods on its own”
“Freight transportation will be made free by making use of the business experience of the private sector, TCDD will be restructured and the financial burden on the public will be removed, railway connection lines will be built, especially in industrial zones, and vehicle investments will be left to the private sector.
154 years of railways in freight and passenger transport rights in Turkey is TCDD. TCDD, in 2005, issued a regulation stipulating the private sector to operate in railways. However, the Council of State canceled this regulation and stated that it was a privatization. * The private sector warned that a law should be enacted so that it can transport passengers and cargo. ”The justification here is that everything that is owned by the people is sold as a commercial 'commodity' and by using the state. client enrichment concept. It always comes across as either the US or the EU imposition.
It is claimed that railways, which declined in 2011, reached 2012 million tons of freight transport and 25,3 million tons of passenger transport at the end of 103. Stating that the interest in railways has increased with high speed trains, the railway officials explain that their targets for 2023 are to exceed 10 thousand km and to increase the railway network to 25.5 km with high speed train and conventional line ”. The increase in the quality of railways whets the private sector's appetite. On the renewed roads, he sees all the weight in the cheap transportation of his own goods. It is here that the state wants to examine the conditions of wanting to enter passenger transport with the researches of these foreign consortia.
What happens is happening to the achievements of the "Republic". A lofty bastion of Kemalist achievements is also falling.
In the globalization tsunami, the charismatic establishment of the Atatürk era, which has become the symbol of the Republic, the charismatic establishment of the Ataturk era, the "Tenth Anniversary March" was composed for its sake, and the excitement of over two hundred and forty tunnels opened with a digging shovel in the East are put on the sales board, using the EU acquis as an excuse. 17.02.2012

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