TCDD Pehlivanköy Uzunköprü Border Railway Signaling Electrification and Telecommunication Systems


Huawei Enterprise's smart rail solution is used in the communication infrastructure of the signaling, electrification and telecommunication systems of TCDD's Pehlivanköy Uzunköprü-Border railroad line.

Supply and installation of SDH (Synchronous Digital Hierarchy- Synchronous Digital Hierarchy) transmission systems within the scope of Pehlivanköy- Uzunköprü-Borders (Pityon) signaling, electrification and telecommunication project, which are under construction, will be provided by Huawei Enterprise.

With the agreement between Eliop Automatic Control Systems and Huawei, a new generation of SDH transmission systems will be installed on the 30 kilometer railway line connecting Pehlivanköy, Uzunköprü and Pityon.

Huawei's 'smart rail' solutions were also exhibited at the Eurasia Rail exhibition in Istanbul in March. Huawei Enterprise's stand, which offers the advantage of being able to supply all of the railway-specific ICT (information and communication technologies) solutions, such as communication for passengers via the GSM-R, LTE, and IVS integrated communications, is a major interest by the transport sector. he had seen.

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