Rize transportation infrastructure will improve faster

Rize Industrialists' and Businessmen's Association (RİSİAD) President Mustafa Külünkoğlu emphasized that the city needs important projects to attract investment. Külünkoğlu said that Rize, whose transportation infrastructure is getting stronger, will develop faster in this way.
In his statement, Külünkoğlu said, “The way to develop our city, the region and the country is primarily through the widespread and modern transportation network. Our region, whose transportation infrastructure is getting stronger, will develop faster. " said. Saying that the Ovit Tunnel, which is the 100-year dream of Rize and considered as a dream project for some, was realized, Külünkoğlu said, “The groundbreaking ceremony will be held with the participation of our Prime Minister. I hope it will be finished on the scheduled date. Because if this project is realized, Rizeli, Erzurumlu and Mardinli will win. Truckers, auto spare parts, auto tire dealers, restaurants, hoteliers, in short, tradesmen will win. The Southeast will win when GAP products reach the ports. Citizens from Rize and Erzurum, who provide a comfortable transportation, will win. But opening the Ovit Tunnel alone is not enough for the economy of Rize and future investments in Rize. While the transportation projects prepared within the framework of the 2023 goals are being implemented one by one, a railway network must be established besides the divided highways that connect the Black Sea with the Mediterranean, covering the north-south lines. This divided road should start as soon as possible before preventing the Ovit Tunnel and other projects in the region so that fast and modern transportation can begin. " He spoke in the form.
Pointing out that with the realization of the Ovit Tunnel, the products produced within the scope of the Southeastern Anatolia Project (GAP) will reach the Black Sea ports more economically and quickly, Külünkoğlu said, “Thus, the importance of seaway and railways will be better understood. In this case, it is necessary to connect the Erzincan-Trabzon high-speed train project to Rize, and from here to the Sarp border gate, that is, the Caucasus and other Asian countries. It should also be connected to Samsun from Sarp within the scope of the coastal route. In addition, the Organized Industrial Zone should now be established. We will only be able to attract foreign investments to our city with the establishment of the OIZ. There are initiatives in this regard, but the problems preventing the establishment of the OIZ should be resolved as soon as possible. Turkey is one of two provinces in our province without the establishment of Organized Industrial Zones OSB, who want to grow their business, but the company can not find a suitable place to win. With the arrival of new investments in our province, employment will be provided and unemployed youth will win. " said.

Source: Time

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