The Rize City Council will launch a petition for the establishment of the railway

For the construction of Samsun-Batum railway, Rize City Council established a committee consisting of representatives of non-governmental organizations in our city.
Rize City Council Hamit Turna Rize city-based project to carry the Rize agenda of the Rize city project, Rize city council, has appointed Hamit Turna committee chairman.
The committee, which includes representatives of non-governmental organizations in Rize, 2. Rize Belediyesi meeting hall. Speaking at the meeting, the chairman of the committee, Hamit Turna, made a program on a local TV channel. After the program, many people said that they were late in the railroad. Mr. Prime Minister 12 is planning to present a file to the city council in Rize as a city council. We are planning to hold a meeting with the participation of non-governmental organizations in Rize, representatives of political parties, provincial governor's office and provincial mayor until Mr. Prime Minister arrives. Again as the City Council in front of the Rize Municipal Garden "Prime Minister will continue until the last signature" will organize a signature campaign with the slogan of the Black Sea provinces between Samsun and Batumi, we want to be equipped with a rail network, "he said.
. In addition, we are planning to hold a joint meeting with the City Councils and other non-governmental organizations in the Eastern Black Sea. After the foundation of the Republic 3 days after the Samsun-Fatsa railway with digging and shoveling the Black Sea, connecting the provinces of the Eastern Black Sea will do their best to connect the railroad. We invite all people living in the Eastern Black Sea to make leaps and bounds especially for our deputies, ministers and our Prime Minister to connect the Black Sea to other regions with iron bars. We, as Rize city council, thought to establish a committee with non-governmental organizations in our province. We are here for this purpose.

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