Recep Altepe announced that the middle of Mudanya road will be divided into public transportation, will be the line of metrobus

Mudanya Road, which has become insufficient in recent years, is being rebuilt now. As part of the renovation works initiated by the last year at the end of last year, the arrival of Bursa on Mudanya Road was given to Bademli from Tepederbent.
The goal of the bridge between Göynüklü-Bademli in Tepederbent to be completed by the end of May, but the Highways planned to renew the body of the road in the next two months.
Mayor Recep Altepe talks about the situation of this road, he explained:
Or Mudanya Road is being rebuilt. Three lanes going, three lanes will be on arrival. We are also planning the public transportation of Mudanya and its surroundings. For this reason, the middle of the road was divided as a metrobus line. O
He stressed:
Lar Metrobuses will be integrated with the Bursaray line that ends in Emek. Thus, the population and mobility of the region, which is constantly increasing, will be solved by public transport. U
In this case…
Bursa will be introduced to a new system alongside public transport.
Buses and minibuses that provide access to the city, as well as the center of Bursaray and soon to be launched in the city streets after the tram, Mudanya Road will work in the metrobus will be one of the new public transportation vehicles of the city.

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