The new tender of the cable car to be held in Izmir is on June 7

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality will make a tender on 7 June 2012 for Balçova. In the technical examination conducted by the municipality, construction and project tender will be opened for the renewal of the Balçova Teleferik Facilities, which are closed to service and which are closed to service, according to the EU standard. After the completion of the tender, the works of the city will be presented to the service of the people of Izmir. The new cable car can carry a thousand 300 people per hour. The cabins will be eight people. The first of the previous construction and project tenders was canceled by the Public Procurement Authority because the contractor did not complete the necessary documents for signing the contract.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, established in 1974 Balçova Teleferik Facilities for many years as a result of the wear and tear in the Chamber of Mechanical Engineers Izmir Branch of the technical examination. In the report prepared at the end of this review, it was stated that the use of the facility was objectionable and should be improved.

Evaluating the said report, the Metropolitan Municipality of Izmir closed the facilities at the beginning of 2008 to make improvements on the carrier rope, pulley sets, carrier gondola and terminal poles by working on the preliminary project and technical specifications related to mechanical parts. The facility, which is planned to be allocated in five to six months, is put on hold for a while in the 2009 to get information about the implementation of the new regulations in EU norms. The European Parliament and the Council of Europe and the Ministry of Industry and Trade were obliged to implement the tendering procedure in line with the requirements of the Wired Transport Facility designed for the Carriage of Persons. Subsequent tenders were canceled by the Public Procurement Authority.

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