Overpasses of highways and railways

The "Life Facilitating Overpasses Project", which includes large-scale social areas to be built on land and rail stops, is waiting to be implemented.
Noya Group's Chairman of the Board of Directors and the architect of the project, Çetin Ateş, told Anadolu Agency (AA) that the "Overpasses that Make Life Easier Project" will meet the needs by expanding the overpasses of 2-3 meters width, which are a burden to the state and municipalities and are only used to cross the street He stated that it includes transforming them into overpasses that have social areas and generate income.
“Unfortunately, increasing public transportation to meet the needs has turned into suffering due to poor quality, overpasses and stops,” Ateş said:
“Due to extremely congested stops, public transport passengers want to exhaust their endurance and own a private vehicle with their savings at the first opportunity. This intolerance causes another private vehicle, which puts a burden on both the environment and traffic. With our project, the ordeal will end, the environment will become more beautiful, people will have safer, happier stops and additional living spaces, and access to basic needs will be easier economically. Very important benefits will be provided in terms of environment, social life, traffic and economy. "
Pointing out that when an overpass is built in the current situation, it does not have the opportunity to repay itself and bring income, Ateş, only Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality News'> Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality spends close to 2 billion lira for the maintenance and repair of the overpasses, thanks to its projects. He noted that the overpasses will cease to be an expense to public institutions and municipalities, and become places that generate income.
- "Establish an overpass commission" -
3 thousand overpass located under the General Directorate of Highways in Turkey, stating that there were only 350 points in İstanbul Fire, said the Ankara-Istanbul will be held on 70-80 overpass point YHT route.
If the project comes lives in Turkey with public and private sector partnerships, may have one of the world's leading companies representing fire, he continued:
“With the positive opinion, approval and support of relevant public institutions, they will both gain regular cash flow and gain private sector investors. With the TOKI model, after the modifications in the plans and applications, the project will be designed and tendered to contractors. Our motto is 'Permission from the public, idea and project from us, investment from the contractor'. Balkan countries, Middle East and Africa, Russia may be our market.
With the legal and moral support of the relevant metropolitan municipalities and other relevant public institutions, 10-15 million square meters of leasable area can be reached in a very short time in our country. An annual income of 100 billion dollars can be obtained by renting a gross area of ​​12 dollars per square meter. We want this income to be used for the public good. A part of the income will be transferred to the Foundation of Struggle Against Poverty and Development of Education, especially the Society for Dissemination of Science. The birth of a massive public company depends on a single positive word from the two lips of bureaucracy. The only obstacle to this work is that an overpass commission has not been established. We want the overpass commission to be established as soon as possible. Our initiatives continue in this regard. Each of these passages can be named after valuable scientists and authors. "
Ateş noted that they obtained a patent for the project from the Turkish Patent Institute and that the patent was approved in the USA.
-What will the project bring?
Çetin Ateş stated that with the realization of the project, the noise of the people and vehicle formed by the crowd will decrease and the noise and pollution will be reduced.
High-quality and creative architecture to be formed with overpasses in the historical sense of historical and vegetable textures will be proud of the cities expressed the Fire, said:
“Thanks to the project, there is no need for high-cost infrastructure investments for stops in areas with dense construction. Airfield will be built with little energy and resources. It will produce its own energy with solar and wind potential. It will even illuminate the roads. The collection efficiency of consumer products will increase and environmental pollution will decrease.
When we produce ecological social living spaces from the air, this is not a concretion. On the contrary, it is a greening and beautification project. We do not make the soil concrete, on the contrary, we make the idle top of a concrete area a bazaar-outlet and equip it with natural greenery that is oxygenated. "
Ateş noted that the elderly and disabled people can also use public transportation by means of elevators or ramps to be placed on wide overpasses, and said, “Passenger individuals will be happy as basic needs such as compulsory water, toilet, cleaning, emergency response to your health problems will be met. Thanks to the commercial units in large overpasses, the individual who meets their needs quickly will save time. The people will buy the bread in their house, take the dry cleaning they left in the morning, have their breakfast, receive their payments through banks and cash machines, and be informed about more news and products through advertisements and promotions. Since it is easy to reach, he will buy newspapers and magazines and read them along the way, they will be enlightened and will save time. "People will be able to access better quality meeting and shopping points both faster and cheaper," he said.
First aid and security units to provide security against life, terrorism, snatch, indicating that Fire, said:
“If you expand the waiting areas of the passengers warm in winter and cool in summer, and if you add commercial and social units they can spend, the traffic will be relieved as public transportation will be more preferred. The density of private vehicles in the city center will decrease with the motto of "park your car, continue on the road" through the parking lot in single-storey areas to be built along the road at clover intersections without environmental obstacles. Our contribution to urban transformation will be on a large scale. We hope our project will come to life and will lead to beneficial gains for the good of our country and humanity.

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    1. Project implementation can be started with subway stations. The metro stations are huge but nothing inside. Don't even have to go to the toilet to shop.