Konya Wheat Market High Speed ​​Train Station and Modern Architecture

konya yht gari
konya yht gari

Konya-Ankara High-Speed ​​Train Flights to Konya, now the new and modern market to the Wheat Market is waiting for. TCDD plans for high-speed train station with annual 3 million passenger capacity

Metropolitan Municipality Council 18 February 2011 dated Zoning and Public Works Commission Report
Based on the statement, "Within the scope of Konya-Ankara High Speed ​​Train Project, the master zoning plan amendment requested by the TCDD Directorate's letter dated 02.02.2011 and numbered 2674 regarding the construction of the High Speed ​​Train Station in the area of ​​Buğday Pazarı was deemed appropriate. We investigated the fate of. Konya, which received the Ankara-Konya High Speed ​​Train last year and experienced significant developments in many sectors, especially in the tourism sector, is now surrounded by the excitement of the modern station.

According to the information we received from TCDD officials, the work for the construction of the high-speed train station with an annual capacity of 3 million in European standards has reached the final stage. The station will be built at the location of the old Wheat Market, as stated in the report of the Metropolitan Municipality Neclisi. The name of the new station will be "Wheat Bazaar Train Station". The cost of the new construction is expected to reach approximately 33,5 million TL.


The project, which has not yet completed the tender process but has reached the project works, was designed in a style that resembles the whirling dervish. With its high door, the Wheat Market Station will take its guests to the door at the height of the 18 meter. Like the whirling dervish, the white building will be dominated by the new building. Wheat Market Station will be provided in the south-north direction from the city. This feature is very important for the passengers to reach the high-speed railway station in a short time.

The city road network surrounds the station area. Roads and urban infrastructure were completed especially in northeastern southwest and southeast directions. These include the 8 city public transport network. The road passing through the Northeast passes under the railway and the road passing through the southwest passes as a bridge over the railway and creates natural thresholds for station side roads.


In the study, it is planned to integrate metro and tram projects to be carried out by Konya Metropolitan Municipality. Thus, the high-speed train station, transportation problems will not occur. The new station building was designed taking into account the future passenger traffic. Garda will include a conventional and two-speed train line in the first place. In the following years, if the number of passengers and passengers increased, 4 new high-speed train line, 1 side platform and two midboards are planned to be added.

Source : M. Ali Köseoğlu / Memleket Magazine-May 2012



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