HAS is looking for a solution to the traffic density at the Party Rail System gateway.

HAS Party Samsun Provincial Chairman Adnan Oz, Republic Square at the intersection of the route of the railway system at the intersection point of the traffic density here, or pedestrian underpass, or pedestrian overpass, or underpass for vehicles should be done, he said.
The pedestrian crossing at the pedestrian crossing of the rail system, showing photos to the press members Öz, mensup As it is seen, people are waiting in red when they come down the rail system. But there is so much density that people do not fit in there to the road. For pedestrians, pedestrians stay half way when crossing time is not enough. Or they jump in front of vehicles by risking themselves. Lar
HAS Party Samsun Provincial Chairman Adnan Öz continued, yön The most reasonable here seems to be the pedestrian underpass that can be reached in all four directions. The fact that this place is below sea level doesn't stop you from doing this gate. Because the overpass and people do not prefer, as well as disrupting visual reasons do not agree. If the overpass is made by escalators, everyone uses it, and the excuse for visuality is a small detail because it is a small project considering the road works in Canik.
Adding that they are in the preparation of a project that can solve the problem HAS Party Samsun Provincial Chairman Adnan Oz, the project will be delivered to the authorities underlined that the project.
Öz, his words, çözüm God show a disaster without experiencing a solution here must be produced. Because everything is for human and human health. Çünkü

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