One-line high-speed train from Edirne to Kars will also be built vertically from cities such as Trabzon and Erzincan.

The network of railways, which is 11 thousand km, will increase to 24 thousand. One-line high-speed train from Edirne to Kars will also be built vertically from cities such as Trabzon and Erzincan.
Speaking to Savaş Ay from the Sabah newspaper, Transportation Minister Binali Yıldırım announced that he aims to increase the network of 11 thousand km railways to 24 thousand. Yıldırım says that negotiations with China are going well for the project that will encircle the country with high-speed train…
This week I gave MOLA in a quite different place, in Izmir's historical Alsancak Station, with the Minister of Transport-Maritime Affairs and Communications Binali Yıldırım. For the first time in our railroad history, a transport minister met with his staff at breakfast without occasional consultants and guards. A scissor man, a dispatcher, a maneuverer, a mechanic and a toll station clerk sat at the carefully set table, handed a fork to the olive cheese from the same plate with Minister Bey, and sipped tea together. I watched among them; more than minister and employee, brother, even father, son sohbeti was founded. Let's share ...
How did you find the previous 'trainman conversation', Mr. Minister?
I found it pure, sincere, warm, sincere. They were happy and they made me happy. Look behind us, one of our oldest locomotives, the Turkish modern locomotive stands. What could be better to tell where it came from?
I've been stroking the world of students for a while. I have a documentary called 'Love Trains'. People are very charismatic and passionate about their profession.
Indeed, the world of railroads is a very special world. It has become a lifestyle rather than a profession. There is an understanding that goes from father to son, even from father to daughter.
A scissor just said; '30 years I've been in the profession, the last 10 year, I look beyond the joy of surprise, I look miracle.' The man's eyes are full when he says that.
When they see what is happening, they perceive their homes as if they were contributing to their families. There is such a love. They are looking at breakthroughs, projects full of bridle. Imagine We plan to increase our 11 thousand kilometers of 2023 to 24 thousand kilometers.
You were in China, and the talks on the high-speed train between the two countries have been tight negotiations, I guess?
Of course, there is a high-speed train. There is a single high-speed train line from Edirne to Kars. We wish to spread this main backbone into vertical lines starting from cities such as Trabzon and Erzincan.
Is this one of the crazy projects of our railways?
A giant project. Because 35 is a billion dollar project. Starting from the last period of the Ottoman Empire, the ongoing investments in the Republic in the early years of the Republic in the years to know, almost completely stopped. Now, with Chinese-Turkish co-production, we can really cover the whole country with iron nets. Both this time for high-speed trains.
When do you start?
Work will be done for a long time. The idea of ​​the Chinese first is the clarification of detail projects. They propose to build high-speed train lines by piece, instead of rolling up the sleeves.
How much and how much time will it cost?
Let's just look at the example of Eskişehir. Because High Speed ​​Train is very popular with citizens. High speed train changed Eskişehir a lot. Along with the Odunpazarı houses, people flock to come to see these beautiful places and to take the Ankara, Eskişehir high speed train. Hopefully, it will be possible to come from both Istanbul and Ankara as of 2014. Though coming from Istanbul was very nice with the new Bilecik ramps.
I was just gonna say the highway would be offended.
They won't offend, they're indispensable to our family. By the way, I can hear documentary shots.
It is going well, with the support of artists, scientists, athletes and journalists.
I would like to thank everyone who contributed to 'Loving Trains' as the minister of transportation. Our research shows that 98 percent of the public already loves the train, but 2 percent get on it. We must be faster, more formal, more modern. As we provide this, we are happy to watch the concentration in the demand day by day. I believe your documentary will also be useful. Then let me steal the whistle to start for you and turn on the green light sign. Let me say 'Good Trips Team A'.

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