Capacity will triple with the new container port investment initiated by TCDD in Izmir Port

Known as the largest export ports in Turkey in the past but due to privatization investment can not be made with the blood lost in the process of a new container port in Izmir initiated by TCDD investment in the port capacity will be 3 times. The port will be able to serve 16 ships at the same time, with the investment in which filling and concreting works have started.
Port of İzmir was divided into passenger and freight ports as part of the restructuring work.
While 273 cruise ships from the 498 cruise ship last year started to privatize the passenger port, the investments were started to increase the capacity in the cargo port section.
It was also stated that last year, 690 million 9 thousand tons of cargo were handled with 504 thousand TEU containers and an investment of 90 million lira was made in the freight port, where 18 million lira income was obtained, and the investment amount will increase to 2012 million dollars in 88.
The first step within the scope of the program, which will triple the capacity of the port, was taken by filling the area around the new silo berth. New cranes and machines will be deployed in the area of ​​110 acreage to be completed in this year.
2013 2015 300 2 429 750 550 7 16 XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX Section Container Terminal will be established. XNUMX thousand square meters of land area to be gained by filling the area of ​​XNUMX meters and a XNUMX thousand square meters of back-field will be won. With the cranes to be built on this area, Izmir Port, which can still serve the XNUMX aboard, will be able to serve XNUMX ships at the same time.
Large ships will also come
Port officials stated that with the completion of the second container terminal, the container handling capacity of the port, which is currently 830 thousand TEU, will increase to 2 million 500 thousand TEU, and that the Gulf dredging project has been initiated so that the new generation large ships can dock in the Gulf of Izmir.
Noting that the Izmir Bay is shallow for large ships, therefore a deep waterway of 14 meters deep, 14 kilometers long and 250 meters wide will be opened from the entrance of the Gulf to the port, the EIA studies continue within the scope of the project in which Izmir Metropolitan Municipality participated with the dimension of gulf cleaning. He told me that
152 million pounds of the project is planned to be completed in 2014 noted that the completion of the authorities, the completion of this channel 200 thousand TEU capacity container vessels up to the 4 350 thousand TEU capacity can now dock the port of 10 thousand TEU capacity ships can now dock the XNUMX thousand TEU said.
Port authorities will investigate the quality of the sludge to be removed from the deep waterway project, and 2 if a suitable sludge is detected. The section stated that it will be used in the filling study for the Container Terminal. In order to determine the quality of the ground and bottom sludge for the project, it was stated that the study will continue and the details of the project will be determined by the end of the year.
This investment in the port of Izmir again, Turkey's largest with a capacity of authorities to draw attention to become a container port, because it can not invest the harbor past again at Izmir the vessels directed to another port of Port voiced that they expect the orientation.
Izmir Port is very convenient in terms of freight and transportation, this means no port of Izmir is not a competitor of Turkey for the year 2023 put the $ 500 billion full capacity of all ports in the region in case of realization of export target can work, in this sense port from a It was also emphasized that there was no competition.
"Izmir's share will increase exponentially"
Geza Dologh, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Izmir Branch of the Chamber of Shipping, stated that the future of Izmir Port was secured with these investments.
Noting that the short-term investments determined by Binali Yıldırım, Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications for İzmir Port, have been completed and medium-term investments have started, Dologh stated that the port will become internationally assertive in 2015, when these investments are expected to be completed.
Explaining that some ships preferred the ports in Aliağa in the past due to the inability to make these investments in İzmir Port, Dologh said:
“After all, the ports in Aliağa are the ports of Izmir. Fortunately, there were ports in Aliağa when there was a congestion. Otherwise, there would be a big problem. Container market figures are increasing rapidly. In the future, there will be enough container volume for all ports in Izmir. There must be a sweet competition between these ports. When you look at the total number of ports in İzmir and Aliağa last year, you will see a 10 percent increase in handling amount. As İzmir Port increases its capacity, these increase percentages will increase exponentially.

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