Cables Cut in Bursaray are Repaired

The signaling cables of the line between Özlüce and Yüzüncüüyıl stations of BursaRay were cut by unidentified people last night.
The signaling cable is cut and not touched another cable, indicating that the event was understood to be sabotage BURULAŞ General Manager Levent Fidansoy, cable theft incidents before theft, but said that the event is not intended to steal, he said.
Fidansoy stated that the incident that took place at BursaRay line at 04.18 at midnight was immediately noticed and the precaution was taken in accordance with the system, “The signaling cable was cut at night. We think the incident is for sabotage purposes. Because, although there are other cables, this signaling cable has been cut in particular. That's why the train service is disrupted. Currently, we run our trains between Özlüce and the University on a single line. Serious incidents could have occurred. As per our system, we noticed the incident at night. We think that if it was not noticed or if this incident happened during the operating time, bad incidents could have occurred, leading to major accidents. This is completely friendly, ”he said.
Reminding that the cable is 24 core fiber optic and that a team came from Istanbul for its repair, Levent Fidansoy said that the team will finish welding work and the trips will return to normal. Presently, passengers who will go to the University route can be guided by megaphone warnings of private security personnel and continue with transfer from Özlüce Station.

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