As soon as the Bursa high-speed train line is completed, the metro will be extended to the gate

He said that as soon as the Bursa high-speed train line was completed, the metro would be taken to the Passage and from there it would be provided by diesel train to Burgas and from Burgas to Mudanya by separate diesel train.
We can share the news and opinions about Bursaray crossing line in this title, and the estimated length of the line will be around 3 km, probably the last extension of the Bursaray with the sight line.
The delay of 2 stations last year towards Emek has strengthened Bursaray's arm in this direction. But in the continuation there is still a little more tracks to progress. Bursa is very suitable for expanding in this direction, it has already started to force this direction every day. Rail system will be needed in the future. For this reason, this extension (Bursa high-speed train line) should be designed and implemented immediately.
Bursa high-speed train line
Line numbered "1", ending in Emek, was inside 750 meters from the ring road junction. From here, the Gate is exactly 2000 meters (2 kilometers). The beginning of the pass and the Mudanya road-Bademli intersection also takes 1100 meters. In other words, the "Emek-Mudanya Road Junction" is around 3000-3100 meters. With such an extension; The first departure point of the metrobus or diesel / 3 rail train that will continue towards Mudanya is determined, and this collector fork in the shape of "Y" becomes a strong attraction center of the future northwestern Bursa. From this point, the Mudanya ramp starts. The settlement is also suddenly diluting. Therefore, it is not necessary for the subway to move further towards Mudanya direction, and there is no technical means. But it is very important to end the extension by continuing 1 kilometer further after the "Pass". 1 stations can be established as "Özdilek", "Pass" and "Mudanya road".

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