Mayor of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Altepe: We produce the train

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Recep Altepe, the Turkish economy to stand up to the domestic brand production is of great importance, he said.
Stating that Bursa has this power, Altepe said, 'Bursa produces brands for the world market. We produced the first local tram, we also produce aircraft. '
Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Recep Altepe visited Yeni Şafak Newspaper and made statements about the work done in Bursa. Albayrak Holding Chairman Ahmet Albayrak, Chief Executive Officer Mustafa Albayrak, Yeni Şafak Newspaper Editor-in-Chief Özcan Ünlü, Tvnet Editor-in-Chief İbrahim Karagül, Bursa Metropolitan Mayor Advisor to the Mayor Taha Aydın were present during the visit of Mayor Altepe to Yeni Şafak.
Stating that Bursa has received investments in the last 10 years in the previous 3 years, Mayor Altepe said that the investment amount made in 3 years has reached 2 billion TL with the infrastructure. Noting that the figures show the volume of investment in Bursa, President Altepe stated that they have completed 1100 of the over 500 projects they have started since they took office, and 600 of them are about to be completed. Emphasizing that they do not have any debts to the state and that the investments are made only with funds from the İller Bank and the Ministry of Finance, Mayor Altepe said, 'Serving Bursa is difficult, not easy. Although our per capita income rate is lower than Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir and Kocaeli, we endeavor to maintain investments and services through the municipality. For one thing, all our work is carried out by expropriation. If we update the numbers, as the Metropolitan Municipality, we demolish at least one building every day. Until today, we expropriated 700 buildings and paid 151 million TL. This corresponds to the 15-year volume. In other words, we made the 15-year expropriation in 3 years. Again, with the last university stage, we built a 26-kilometer Bursaray line. We carried out a 320-kilometer road expansion work, "he said.
The 'domestic tram production', which was brought to the agenda by the Mayor of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Recep Altepe before the local elections on March 29 and was among the election promises, has great similarities with the story of the 'revolution car' in terms of its starting point. Just as the 'Revolution automobile' came to the agenda with the claim to meet the passenger vehicle needs of the army with domestic means, the domestic tram also predicted the production of rail system vehicles, especially in cities with a population of over one million, with local means. President Altepe, who took action upon the payment of approximately 8 million TL for a vehicle used in the rail system lines in Bursa and exported from Germany, took action after the elections to keep this money in the country.
Stating that nowadays all cities are turning to the rail system, but the rail system vehicles are compulsorily procured from foreign companies, President Altepe said, “Today we pay 28 million TL for a 8-meter wagon. In other words, the bill of a 4-track train to us is 32 million TL. Therefore, we had to produce our own vehicle. We believed that we could produce both cheaper and better quality. It is of great importance for our country's economy that at least the money paid to the tram will remain entirely domestically. When we said this, nobody could believe it. Now the tram, which is the work of Turkish engineers from software to production, is in the middle. '
The indigenous 'Silkworm' is the symbol of Bursa
Since Bursa is the starting point of the Silk Road, the local tram, which was inspired by the silkworm, was first displayed in the 'Eurasia Rail Railway Light Rail Systems, Infrastructure and Logistics Fair, where the world's leading companies participated. Turkey's first local tram 'Silkworm', has so far been the symbol of an industrial city of Bursa as a prominent force in technology and design. The Turkish tram, which foreign tram manufacturers visited for inspection during production, said "almost impossible", surprises even the expert foreign tram manufacturers in their field today.
Local tram Project Director Taha Aydin said that it was never easy to realize a first, but they implemented a first in Bursa with hard work and patience. Aydın developed the initiative to make the municipality within the transportation company Burulaş. However, we saw that the system does not comply with the legislation. A piece will be purchased, bids are received, the tender is made, then the suspension period of the tender is expected to be 45 days. Hiring staff is a problem, it is difficult to adapt the system to the legislation. In short, we started to struggle with bureaucracy. We decided to do this job by the private sector, and we have come a long way in a short time like 2,5 years. We designed the chassis system, mechanical and electronic systems were synchronized. The running gear was made. The prototype vehicle was produced and tested abroad. When we saw that the tram we produced was walking on the rails, we were happy like the father who saw his baby walk first. Now we are producing our second vehicle in accordance with international standards, "he said.
Stating that tram production is very different compared to automotive production and the system in the tram is completely built on software, Utku, Local Tram Software Manager, said, 'The tram has a main software, and every element such as doors, lighting, air conditioners, braking system has a software in itself. A tram consists of approximately 60 thousand lines of control software. We were able to realize this software as a result of long efforts, 'he said. Stating that everything that manages the train consists of software, Utku said, “If you give this software outside, the brain of the tram becomes dependent on the outside. He emphasized the importance of Turkish software by saying that you cannot nationalize it later.
Stating that the municipality runs the metro lines independently from the Ministry of Transport, Mayor Altepe said, 'We put the university stage of the light rail system into service last January. Again, we realized the Emek line without spending extra money, with savings of millions of TL within the same tender. Although the Kestel-Gürsu line was not in the program, it went out to tender. We will increase Bursa's metro line by 17 kilometers, 'he said.



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