Ayrancılar, Kuşçuburun and Yazıcıbaşı residents requested new stops with their petitions to Metropolitan.

Ayrancılar, Kuşçuburun and Yazıcıbaşı residents requested new stops with their petitions to Metropolitan. With Ayrancılar being a district, the need for stops will increase in the region.
Infrastructure works at Aliağa Menderes High Speed ​​Train Line extended to TORBALI continue at full speed. There will be 5 stops on the line: Develi, Pancar, Torbalı and Tepeköy. Stating that the stops will be distant to them, Ayrancılar, Kuşçuburun and Yazıcıbaşı residents have requested a new stop with their petitions to the Metropolitan Municipality. Citizens want to build a new stop in the area behind Yazibaşı TOKI residences.
AliağaMenderes High Speed ​​Train Extension works, which were laid with a magnificent ceremony held in the past months, continue in a frenetic manner. The people of Torbalı are excitedly waiting for the line to start operating first. According to the project, one more station will be built in Tekeli, Pancar, Torbalı and Tepeköy after Cumaovası Station. One in Tekeli, Pancar, Torbalı and Tepeköy; A total of 3 highway overpasses will be constructed at the points deemed appropriate along the line. According to the protocol with TCDD, station constructions and highway overpasses will be realized by İzmir Metropolitan Municipality. The existing single-line railway from Cumaovası to Torbalı will be launched on a double line by TCDD. The construction of the protection walls of the line, extension of the signaling and electrification systems to Torbalı Tepeköy in line with AliağaCumaovası line will be carried out by TCDD.
Firstly, a signature campaign was launched in Yazibasi under the leadership of Muhtar Ertugrul Kar. The muhtar sent the collected signatures to İzmir Metropolitan Municipality. Kar, who wants his requests to be evaluated and the project reconsidered while the works related to the stations and stations are still ongoing, said, "When the examination is made, we will see how right we are in our request." There were also some initiatives in Kuşçuburun led by the headman, Hayati Ateş. Ayrancılard, whose need for stops was most expressed, said Kadir Kayan, a member of the Board of Directors of AK Party, said that they had discussions on how to find a solution to the problem.
While there are objections regarding the project that will divide the district in two in Torbalı, Ayrancılar, Yazibaşı and Kuşçuburunlu have a different desire. For those who live in this region, considering the station only in Pancar and its distance from the settlements in question cause the reaction of the residents. Citizens who want to take into account the potential of the region with Ayrancılar becoming a district, want to open a stop behind the TOKİ residences in Yazibasi.
In the area where Tekeli, Pancar, Torbalı and Tepeköy settlements are located, ki-lometers and zones of 4 new station
- Railroad distance between Cumaovası and Develiköy: 25.190
- Develiköy Railway km: 28.190
- Tekeli Railway km: 31.250
- Beet Railway km: 35.950
- Pancar - Torbali Railway km: 43.360
- Torbali Railway km: 48.725
- Tepeköy Railway km: 50.714

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