Architects react to the cable car planned to be built in Ankara

TMMOB, 'Ankara Metropolitan Municipality has a plan to establish 5 ropeway cable system,' he said.
Union of Chambers of Turkish Engineers and Architects (TMMOB) Chamber of Architects Ankara Branch Chairman Ali Hakkan recalled that the ropeway system was considered for the solution of the transportation of Ankara. M For the 27 line cable car investment in 5 kilometers, it turns out, çıkıy he said.
Chamber of Architects Ankara Branch, bir to find a solution to the transportation of the capital of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality plans to establish a cable car system 5 ına held a press conference on the news.
Speaking at the meeting Hakkan, the ropeway system is used for various purposes, the most common use of ski tourism is seen, he said.
Giving information about the carrying capacity of the ropeway system, Hakkan said:
M It is reflected in the press that the Gondola ropeway technology to be used in Ankara will be 10 cabinets and the capacity is 2 bin 400. Its capacity in one direction is likely to be one thousand 200 passengers. This capacity is lower in the city than the passenger transported by dolmuş. Consequently, with a proposed ropeway line, a capacity can be provided just like opening a taxi-filled line. Despite the capacity of the ropeway line, 6-10 bin with buses, 12-12 bin with bus, 45-25 bin with light rail such as 30-60 bin, Ankaray and 70-XNUMX with metro and metro can be transported in one direction.
Hakkan said the 27 5 cost a million dollars for the 324 line cable car investment, and that this is a serious figure, according to the calculations of the world's ropeway installation.
Comparing the carrying capacity and cost, the cable car system is unpredictably expensive, and highlighted the need to extend the light rail system as a solution.
Hakkan, the press ızlı 1 lira to be paid for parking bir by evaluating the news, the car with a citizen who requested 1 pounds, a legal study was proposed and this is the product of a planesiz said.
- ”You must not have height fear - -
Tezcan Karakuş Candan, a member of the Executive Board of the Chamber of Architects of TMMOB, criticized the transportation policies of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Melih Gökçek and said:
Le It is very clear that Gokcek does not have a serious urban transportation plan with the theme of the ropeway and therefore directs the city to confusion traffic dolayısıyla It is trying to plan the traffic with daily solutions. We think that the city can not be managed with such an approach. The cable car can be used for tourist purposes, but it is thought that there may be an alternative in the city in the last period. We are faced with a local government that has not been able to finish the construction of a metro in 18 for the 10 years in Ankara and has finally been transferred to the Ministry of Transport. It is not correct to use the collected budget paid with our taxes so rough. You can build a light rail system that will carry XNUMX thousand people at the same cost to the ropeway. Fer
Candan, where the ropeway connects to the important, two points must be very high, stating that those who fear fear of height could not use these tools.
Candan that you need to consider the weather conditions in Turkey can not be predicted weather conditions or power failure there could be serious problems noted.
Candan, Ankara's main transportation plan should be done urgently, emphasizing, "Although the rate of accidents in the cable car system is very low, the death rate is very high when an accident," he said.

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