Who Will Operate Ankara Subway

Although discussions in the Çayyolu, Sincan and Keçiören subways, which could not be completed for many years in ANKARA, seem to be over when the Ministry of Transport took over the construction of the subways, it could bring about a new discussion close to the start of the metros.
In the statements made by the government wing and Mayor Melih Gökçek, which is not on the agenda for the time being, some line breaks show that the debate on authority can be experienced in the subway.
Deputy Prime Minister Ali Babacan, after the Ministry of Transport has begun the construction of the metro, said in a statement:
Ar Once the metros are finished, the municipality will make it run. The Ministry of Transport makes it difficult. The municipality must be compatible with the current bus line and managed from a single source. Perhaps we may want to have some say in the structure of the company that will operate. Because the central government transfers so much resources, ties money, so we can be a bit involved in managerial terms in a sense of management in a sense that the rationality of the business is rational. I also made this clear to Melih Bey. In other words, I have said, 'After connecting this much money, it would be what we would say in terms of being profitable as a central government.' Yani
Mayor Melih Gokcek, who did not respond to these statements at the time, said in his recent statements about the subway trainings at the AK Party Sincan District Congress that he attended ehir By the end of 2013 you will reach the subway. We will do the operation of the metron ağ said. After the transfer of resources from the government, the construction of the metro will accelerate and time will show how to solve the business.

Source : the site www.hurriyet.com.tr




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