Rail System in Diyarbakır in 2013

Diyarbakir Metropolitan Mayor Osman Baydemir made a presentation to journalists about the dönüşüm urban transformation project Diyarbak. In the press conference held at Dedeman Hotel, Baydemir presented to the journalists about the urban transformation project and gave important messages about the agenda after the meeting.
Baydemir stated that they continued to demolish the illegal structures within the city within the scope of the urban transformation project. However, the Conservation Board decided to stop work because the historical buildings were damaged. We will continue to work where the decision of the protection board is abolished. We will continue the construction of our social housing projects after they are finished. Because we have not passed past the houses of our citizens who migrated to the system in the past, we will not destroy. These people are the victims of the public. We communicate with our citizens after the dialogue method of washing their homes, then we give them free of charge to the houses we do, "he said.
Noting that the Dicle Valley and light rail sitsem project will be implemented as soon as possible, Baydemir said, em We have completed the first leg of the Dicle Valley project. First we finished the waterfall project. In 2013, we will also lay the foundation for the light rail system project. In addition, until September, we will make 150 thousand tons of concrete asphalt in many parts of the city. Ayrıca

Source: South-Eastern

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