The first step was taken for TÜVASAŞ to be transported

📩 24/11/2018 18:20

The General Directorate of Turkish State Railways (TCDD) wrote an official letter to the Governorship of Sakarya in order to allocate new places for TÜVASAŞ. The Governor's Office acted upon this article.
As the General Directorate of TCDD will expand the capacity of TÜVASAŞ, it wants to ensure that the area will be insufficient and for this purpose, a more suitable place should be allocated to the factory.
Together with TÜVASAŞ, there is a requirement that the new place where Eurotem will be moved should be on the railway route. In this case, it is expected to allocate the previously agreed Ferizli Organized Industrial Zone for the transport of Hyundai-Eurotem and TÜVASAŞ.
As it is known, Adapazarı-Karasu Railway which is under construction passes by Ferizli Organized Industrial Zone. For this reason, this land was approved for the transport of TÜVASAŞ. Thus, the first step was taken for TÜVASAŞ.
In the center of Adapazarı, the land of the 350 with TUVASAS and Eurotem will be left to the local authorities to be used as a green area after moving the factory to Ferizli.

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