Today in History: 9 May 1935 Atatürk's Mediterranean to the Black Sea

The foundation of the Marmaray Project, which will connect Asia and Europe under the Istanbul Strait and carry 9 thousand passengers per hour, was laid.
9 May 2009 100 disabled TCDD employee was sent off to Iskenderun as part of the Disabled Week activities.
At the 9 May 1883 Fourth Conference (Ottoman Empire, Austria, Serbia, Bulgaria), each country decided to lay the connection lines within its borders.
May 9, 1896 Akşehir-Ilgın Line (57 km) was opened and purchased by the state on December 31, 1928.
May 9, 1935 Atatürk expressed his pleasure in achieving the goals of the railway by saying "We have connected the Mediterranean to the Black Sea with iron".



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