TCDD, giving speed to the restructuring works, will give local names to the trains within its structure.

Süleyman Karaman, General Manager of State Railways (TCDD), gave information to Ankara representatives of the newspapers regarding the efforts to restructure the institution. Speaking at the acceptance at the Head Office, Karaman stated that they attach great importance to domestic production and said, “We have achieved a power that will create our own infrastructure. We will open new lines. We will renew the old lines. We have become competing with European countries on railways. ”


Karaman also announced that they will give local names to TCDD trains. Karaman said that they have started to work and said that they will give the name leyen Turkish Train olarak to the trains that operate regularly.


Explaining the main reasons for restructuring accompanied by presentation, Süleyman Karaman said: “By releasing rail transport, providing more effective and quality services to users with affordable cost, reviving railways through domestic competition, increasing the competitiveness of railways against other modes of transportation, and the balance between modes of transportation. We are going to restructure in order to re-establish the favor of railways, create a transparent and independent regulation and supervision structure, and provide legal and structural compliance for full membership in the European Union. ”


Emphasizing that they are working intensely to make railways more attractive, TCDD General Manager Karaman said, “In order to both make TCDD more effective and efficient, and to increase the share of rail in the passenger and freight market; We are completing projects with high speed railway lines, conventional railway investments, investments to renew our existing lines and vehicles, electrification, signalization and telecommunications (EST), and new vehicle supply and creation of logistics centers. ”

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