YHT study in the center of Izmit

Köseköy-Gebze between the start of the foundation of the High Speed ​​Train (YHT) laid the ground in the context of the work, the work initiated from Köseköy, Izmit reached the center.

Construction of the railway in the coastal part of the railway; has started the editing work in the currently empty area. The excavations are currently being carried out on the extension of the railway line on the coast of Izmit.

Until the YHT project to be completed in 2013, rail transport will not be available on this route. In the 146 million 825 thousand 952 Euro YHT project, the contract value of 85 million 124 thousand 802 Euros, which is 059 percent of the Köseköy-Gebze line, will be covered by the European Union.

Source: Özgür Kocaeli



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