Varda Bridge

The Hacıkırı Railway Bridge, which is located in the Hacıkırı (Kıralan) village of the Karaisalı district of Adana, which is called “Koca Köprü” by the local people, is also identified with various stories and is called on the Vardo Bridge. It is known as the German bridge because it was built by the Germans in 1912. Its distance to Adana is 64 km via Karaisalı by road. The distance to Adana Station by rail is 63 km.

This bridge was made by the Germans, with a steel cage stone knitting technique. 6. It is located within the boundaries of the region. 1912 was opened in the year. The purpose of the bridge construction is to complete the Istanbul-Baghdad-Hijaz Railway line.
Technical specifications

In the Kargir bridge type, 3 main openings are built on 4 main legs. Its length is 172 m. The railway on the bridge (Konya station is km: 0 + 000 km.)

starting km: 307 + 106
Finish km: 307 + 278
common km: 307 + 222.

The middle foot height from the ground is 99 m. Bridge legs are steel support type and the outer covering is made by stone knitting technique. The beginning of the construction year is 1907 and the end date is 1912. There are maintenance stairs inside the four feet for bridge legs maintenance.

The railway on the bridge was arranged with a curve with a radius of 1220 m. The speed here is 85 mm compared to 47 km speed. During the 5-year construction period, 21 workers and a German engineer died for various reasons.

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