Ropeway Ride with Spring View Started to Uludağ

Bursa city center, which provides access to Uludag cable car, after a month of service to enter the service, the spring with the unique view of the spring with great interest from those who prefer.

According to information received from the Metropolitan Municipality, the cable car operating for years 49, a month after the end of maintenance last week began to serve.

All electrical and electromechanical systems are controlled, Uludag, summer, winter, providing alternative transportation cable car, covered with snow in winter, white and green view, in this period, the beauty of the spring with interest in those who prefer the journey.

The number of passengers in recent years, increasing the number of popular transportation vehicles, which has become the summit with the cable car, and especially from countries such as Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Dubai and United Arab Emirates, tourists from the country, barbecue in Sarıalan, enjoy the horses with Kadıyayla.

After watching the unique natural beauty of the summit, which includes all shades of green, Sarıalan and Kadıyayla, following the various activities in Bursa following a bird's eye view of domestic and foreign visitors, known as one of the important centers of winter tourism, Uludag is enjoying in the spring.

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