In the 2011 year related to the restructuring of TCDD, 2 hosted a meeting at the BTS Headquarters hosted by our Headquarters. Organized associations and trade unions were invited to this meeting. These meetings have been meaningful and useful in terms of making decisions for joint action. Unfortunately, Transport Officer-Sen did not attend any of the meetings.

In these meetings we present the results to you;

It is seen that the Railway Law to be enacted under the name of restructuring is seen as the liquidation of the institution,

The restructuring of the Ministry of Transportation in other affiliated institutions will accelerate except for the liquidation of railways,

TCDD's established structure, management approach, and changes in the corporate culture were brought to the plant, and the concern was raised that this would have compensable results.

In our concerns and worries, what was written and we were right. By changing the name of the Ministry of Transport with the Decree Law No. 1 published in the Official Gazette of 2011 on November 655, the political power has been passed by the Grand National Assembly.

While not only the name of the Ministry of Transport but also its structure was replaced by Decree No. 655, the infrastructure of the liquidation process of the TCDD was also prepared with this Decree.

The aim of this decree to the public is that “Railway transportation activities, depending on the commercial, economic, social needs and technical developments, are economical, serial, convenient, safe, quality, in the environment of free, fair and sustainable competition in a way that will minimize the negative impact on the environment and be in the public interest. to ensure that these activities are carried out and that these activities serve together with other modes of transportation and complement each other. ”

The main aim was to abolish the monopoly status of TCDD in railway transportation and to open the way for liberalization and privatization to act with the impulse of profit.

Yes, dear friends, the principles of service, financial competence and professional reputation of the railway infrastructure operator and railway train operators and organizers, agents, brokers, station or station operators and similar activities in the field of railway transportation, which are considered among the duties of the General Directorate of Railway Regulation. determine their conditions, authorize and control them. ” With the provision of the 155-year-old institution, the legal obstacles to the separation of parts and any kind of work and services that have completed the railway operation by third parties have been removed.

Especially with the concept of “Railway Infrastructure Operators” in paragraph (d) of Article 8, which is among the duties of the new General Directorate, it has been stated as an explicit provision that there may be more than one infrastructure operator in the railways, that is, the infrastructure can also be customized when necessary.

As such, it means the marketing of the Decree Law No. 655 and liquidation of the TCDD.

All legal obstacles to the closure of the lines and the removal of trains from the expedition, plundering of the TCDD lands, and all the legal obstacles in front of the Subsidiaries and Factories and support units have been abolished.

In the report titled “Rehabilitation, Restructuring and Financing of TCDD” prepared by Booz-Allen & Hamilton Company in 1995 with the financing of the World Bank;

“TCDD's predominantly freight transport, and in passenger transport, the use of prestige trains”

In the report published by CANAC company in 2002, it was stated that “closing the lines that do not bring profit, selling or demolishing the stations and other railway buildings on these lines in order not to open them again, discarding passenger transportation other than a few prestige trains, disposing of land and buildings in the places where transportation is removed, and privatization of prestige trains. , it was envisaged that the contraction of employment should be abandoned, and the privatization of the ports and factories ”,

When we look at the recent practices, the demands stated in the reports were realized with the determination of the political will in this direction.

In order to combat privatization and liquidation practices that will increase in speed in the coming period, a platform for unions and associations will not be enough. In addition, employees must take part in this struggle is necessary to support. This is much more important than our personal expectations and ambitions. Because if there is no institution left, what will be the place to be appointed or the title will be assigned.

As a result, the restructuring efforts implemented to date have formed the basis for a lot of work with less personnel, and the desire to work flexibly and without rules. In other words, it is the personnel demand at the desired place and at the requested price.

Due to the lack of personnel, approximately 6 friends of our railroads have lost their lives or physical limbs in the last 7-20 years.

We call on all employees to support our stance against privatization and liquidation practices. We urge you to be with us. Because there are no other TCDD, TÜVASAŞ, TÜLOMSAŞ and TÜDEMSAŞ. Therefore, if we do not, we are not there.

In the coming days, the managers of the unions will go to the fields by entering the fields intensively. We hope that as a result of these studies do not work without a union.

Friends, please contact with the unionists about the restructuring of the TCDD and their activities related to the Subsidiaries up to this day; .

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