Türk-İş General Financial Secretary Atalay: "TÜVASAŞ Said It Must Stay In Place

Turkish-Business General Financial Secretary and Railway Workers Union President Ergun Atalay, Turkey Wagon Industry AŞ (TÜVASAŞ) Ferizli on how to move the debate to the district, "should remain TÜVASAŞ the place I told you yesterday, I say today," he said.

Atalay told AA correspondent that, beyond the TÜVASAŞ debate, Sakarya has more important problems, and they have exhausted the factory employees and the city with the discussions of moving the factory, which has been going on for 2-3 months.

It was a difficult task of transporting TÜVASAŞ striking Atalay, "Kala stayed in one of Turkey's largest mills in the hands of the province, had TÜVASAŞ. Whether or not TÜVASAŞ will be moved, is it an easy task- Do you carry a cake shop or a shop- A huge, huge factory is over, there is a road, what is there, take TÜVASAŞ… There is a milk jug factory that produces or not, it is Turkey's largest plant in the Balkans, "he said.

Factory 700-800 worker can not finish the work Atalay stated that the factory, the factory should be grown by the worker reported.

- "On the agenda of Mr. Prime Minister's government" -

Atalay pointed out that there are many jobs to be done by the politicians and the rulers of the city.

“I said it yesterday, I continue to say it today. This factory should grow on site, workers should be recruited to this factory, and it cannot do the existing jobs with 700-800 workers in this factory. The factory is full of subcontractors, this factory has become a subcontractor paradise. Employees receive a minimum wage. This is also the Prime Minister of the government of one of the main annoyance on the agenda in Turkey.

Let's continue to grow TÜVASAŞ in place. TÜVASAŞ has a lot of work, and there are wagon orders it receives from abroad and abroad, and these have to be done. This is not enough with the existing workers. Mr. Minister and TCDD General Manager and TÜVASAŞ General Manager also know. The Minister of Transport, who manages this country, the railways, the deputies working in Sakarya, all the mass organizations are side by side, and how we should grow TÜVASAŞ, we have to make plans for it. There is nothing in Karasu right now, it is not easy. Is there such a thing? We have to remove this from the agenda of Adapazarı as soon as possible. There is the Eurotem Factory there, if they are going to take him there. ”

Pointing out that politicians, mass organizations and opinion leaders should examine the issue well, Atalay said, “I have said yesterday that TÜVASAŞ should remain in place, and I am still saying it today. The remainder of this province is TÜVASAŞ, formerly known as the 'Wagon Factory'. It is necessary to take ownership of that factory together. They closed and opened the Meat and Fish Institution in this country. The situation of Sugar was in the middle, the Agricultural Equipment land became a park. It is nice to have a park and a green area, how folks will make a living in the green area - This ship does not go with parks. If he does not get a fee, the folks will not go to the park or something, so did TÜVASAŞ go from Adapazarı or will he go? The nation should not be upset, ”he said.

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