Fence Failed to Train and 14 Erkan Can Verdi

Erkan Alan, the 14-year-old who wanted to take the dogs to the train in Bakarköy, died as a result of the collision of the commuter train. In the accident, one of the dogs was destroyed by the train.

Terrible incident, the clock occurred at 17.45 queues. Erkan Alan, who lives in Kartaltepe, his brother Serkan and his friends Ramazan Karanfil and Hakan Açoğlu left their homes to visit with their dog 3 in the evening. Walking with his dogs, the two brothers and his friends, who came to Dumlupınar Street in Atnöyoy District of Ataköy, stopped by a taxi stand and drank water to their dogs. In the meantime, the two dogs ran away from the train next to the taxi stand to the railroad. Erkan Alan entered the train track to buy both dogs. Meanwhile Halkalı- A commuter train to the Sirkeci expedition hit Erkan Alan. The area was heavily injured by the impact and fell on the edge of the train tracks. The train then destroyed Erkan Alan's dog. Erkan Alan 14-XNUMX lost his life despite the intervention of the health teams coming to the scene upon the news of the citizens.

Police launched an investigation into the accident, the suburban train was taken to the police station to take the testimony of the mechanic. The children in the neighborhood every day around the scene to show their dogs said that the case, they claimed that there was a major negligence. An eyewitness, a week for the pedestrians not to enter the railroad fences on the edge of the iron fenced, Erkan Alan and the section of the dogs, a fence due to the longer than the need not crash, he said.

The investigation is ongoing.

Source : the site www.hurriyet.com.tr



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