Ankaragücü love in the train car!

The Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD), which acts as the operator Ayyýldýz Ragip, for the interior and exterior of a wagon, painted with hearts that gave Ankaragucu club's colors.
Ragıp Ayyıldız (50), a fan of Ankaragücü who is an operator in the road maintenance department of TCDD, reflected his love for his team in a train carriage.
Ayyıldız painted the outside of the wagon where he stayed on the road maintenance train of TCDD in yellow-dark blue colors and decorated the inside with the flags, scarves and posters of the football players. Ayyıldız named its wagon, which is decorated with yellow-dark blue colors up to its curtains, "Ankaragücü Wagon".
Ayyıldız, 22 TCDD'de working as an operator for years, since childhood, yellow-blue team is committed to the heart, he said. Stating that they went out of Ankara by train for maintenance and repair due to his job, Ayyıldız said that a large part of his days were spent in the wagon.
Ayyıldız stated that their work is not too busy in the winter season, so the maintenance-repair train is also kept at the TCDD Road Workshop and said, "About a month ago, while the train was waiting at the center, I thought of decorating the wagon I stayed in with yellow-dark blue colors."
Before the outside of the wagon painted yellow-blue colors Ayyildiz stating, the same-colors after painting the jerseys, scarves, adorned with posters, he said.
Ayyıldız, inside-yellow-navy wagon is great pleasure to spend time in the wagon, explaining, said:
“My biggest love in life is Ankaragücü… It made me even happier to do such a thing for my team, which I am always proud to be with in good days and bad days. We go to various cities for maintenance and repair by train. My wagon attracts great attention everywhere we go. People want to go inside. I also gladly host them in my carriage and tell them with pride. The visitor of the wagon is also very surprised. Now, in the places we go, they say 'Ankaragücü came' instead of 'Ragıp master came'. "
-There is also a place for "brother" in the wagon-
The scarves with the inscription "BursAnkara" hanging on the Ankaragücü wagon of Ragıp Ayyıldız attract attention.
Ankaragucu and Bursaspor fans that the fraternal ties between Turkey's envy closely followed by all save Ayyıldız, said he wanted it to last forever, the brotherhood.
Ayyıldız explained that she also included scarves written "BursAnkara" on her wagon in order to support this brotherhood.
-Sumer and Kutlu visit the wagon-
Meanwhile, Ankaragücü Club President İlyas Ertan Sümer, coach Hakan Kutlu and his assistant Gökmen Barış visited the wagon at TCDD Road Workshop. Sumerian, Kutlu and Baris had plenty of souvenir photos taken by Ragip Ayyildiz.
Coach Hakan Kutlu stated that he was very surprised when he saw the wagon and said, “Fans are such a thing. On such a day, meeting such a wagon made me very emotional. I am very happy to have such a fan. “I congratulate Mr. Ragıp”.

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